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US Space Mission will help UK entrepreneurs take off

A ‘space’ mission this May will see up to 15 innovative UK satellite companies head to the US to secure investment and new partnerships.

We’re giving entrepreneurs from the UK’s space industry the chance to win a place on the trade mission to Boston, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

If you think your business could benefit from investment and developing strategic partnerships with US space companies, you can apply to attend the mission.

Apply for the Space Mission to the US

Leading the ‘nanosat revolution’

The UK is particularly strong in the development of nano-satellites - miniaturised satellites of limited capability which can be produced and launched at the fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite. Originally developed for space research, ‘nanosats’ are increasingly being considered for mainstream commercial applications.

Head of Space at Innovate UK Tim Just said:

There’s more to space than rockets, astronauts and exploration. Space technology plays a huge part in our everyday life – from showing us the way to our destination to forecasting the weather. There’s a new generation of technologies and services on the horizon. Some of these will come from a new type of much smaller satellites - nanosats - that the UK is historically good at.

Space technology and satellite applications are thriving commercial sectors in the UK. We want to help those businesses expand and grow. We know that sometimes businesses find it hard to find the time, money and contacts to start growing in a new market. That is why we’re taking 15 companies interested in developing cubesats and their applications over to the US and the heart of this ‘nanosat revolution’ to help them take their business to the next level.

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