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Urgent progress needed on a unified eco-labelling system for food in the UK

Professor Robin May, the FSA’s Chief Scientific Adviser, explains why urgent progress is needed to support a unified eco-labelling system for food in the UK in order to support a fully sustainable food system.

Interviewed on ITV News this evening about eco-labelling, Professor Robin May recently explained:

"Currently, there are no internationally agreed standards for eco-labelling, or for what type of data should be measured. This must be addressed urgently through collaboration between business, academia and government, so that the food system can be set on a path to sustainability."

Speaking to the complexities which surround eco-labelling, he further recently explained:

“Transforming the food system into one that is fully sustainable relies on a unified approach to data sharing and food labelling that is both transparent and accurate.

"The eco-labelling of foods, for example, can enable consumers to compare the environmental footprint of different products and enable them to make choices about the impact this has on their diet.”

Recent research by the FSA speaks to changing consumer attitudes around sustainable food production (Opens in a new window), in support of our ambition to achieve unified eco-labelling and develop a fully sustainable food system.

Find out more from our Chief Scientific Adviser, as he talks about the urgency of eco-labelling (Opens in a new window)in his latest blog.


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