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VA&PC - Continuance of UDR & R IRISH (Home Service) Aftercare Service

The Ministry of Defence has agreed that the UDR & R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service is to continue to exist and be funded.

In August 2015, the MOD agreed that the UDR & R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service should continue to exist and be funded since circumstances leading to its inception have not markedly changed, need is still evident and demand is being effectively met.

However, in line with other defence restructuring, it has been decided that eventually it should become owned by the MOD’s main veterans’ support organisation, known as Veterans UK, which includes the Veterans’ Welfare Service (VWS).

A transition programme is being agreed to ensure that the aftercare service’s capability is retained once subsumed into Veterans UK, probably not before 2020.

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