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Vaughan Gething sets out ambition for a dementia-friendly Wales

Deputy Minister for Health Vaughan Gething has yesterday set out the Welsh Government’s ambition for dementia supportive communities across Wales.

At the one-year celebration of the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends initiative, which is funded by Welsh Government, he will outline Wales’ ambition to be a supportive nation, where people with dementia can expect to receive compassion, understanding and tolerance from the communities they live in.  

Mr Gething will say:

“I want to see a Wales where people who find themselves confused or distressed because of dementia get the help and the understanding they need, whether they are on a bus, in a local café, a supermarket or library.  

“We have funded the Alzheimer’s Society to provide Dementia Friends information sessions and to run the Dementia Supportive Communities campaign across Wales for the next three years because we want to make Wales a more supportive, tolerant and understanding place for people with dementia.  

“As well as research into treatments for dementia, it is vital that we think about how we will adapt to more people in our communities living with dementia. The statistics are sobering - one in five people over 80 has dementia.  By 2021, the number of people in Wales with dementia is set to increase by 31%.

“I’m delighted to support the Alzheimer’s Society’s achievements - it is doing much to make Wales more dementia friendly.”

The Welsh Government has provided more than £130m funding to provide new elderly mental health facilities across Wales and funds the 24/7 bilingual Wales Dementia Helpline, which provides emotional support to anyone of any age who is caring for someone with dementia as well as family members and friends. The service also provides help and support for people diagnosed with dementia.  

The Living Well with Dementia information pack, funded by the Welsh Government and developed and distributed by the Alzheimer’s Society, is a UK first. A source of invaluable advice, the pack has been welcomed by professionals and patients, their families and carers. Everyone diagnosed with dementia this year will be supplied with a Living Well with Dementia pack.


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