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Visions for STRATCOM: Putting Cyber at the heart of the military

Defence leaders have laid out their vision for the new Strategic Command.

James Heappey, Minister for the Armed Forces used his keynote at the inaugural RUSI Strategic Command Conference to explore how Britain must modernise to compete in the information age. This followed from the official transition from the Joint Forces Command to Strategic COmmand in December 2019, and was an opportunity to lay out the digitally enabled capabilities that the military will rely on. 

Some exerpts from the speech include: 

"It is no longer enoguh to have a battle winning edge in terms of firepower; there is a responsibility to win the information battle."

"It is no longer enough to have highly complex systems; you need all the data that comes from that system in order to get a better understanding of what the enemy is doing ands what the opportunities are to exploit and win the battle."

"And its no longer enough to fight successfully in individual domains. Winning the fight of the future requires integration across land, sea, air, cyber and space. Strategic Command will give us that edge."

The Conference set out the ambition for Strategic Command, and attendees heard more about its enhanced responsibilities. You can read more about it here. 

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