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“Vote down flawed, damaging and divisive Bill” urges Minister

Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews yesterday urged Assembly Members to oppose the application of key provisions in the UK Government’s Trade Union Bill to Wales in a motion before the National Assembly.

Leighton Andrews said yesterday:

“Today, I will be urging members of the National Assembly for Wales to vote against the motion. The Bill is damaging, divisive and risks undermining public services and the economy.

“We believe it will lead to a confrontational relationship between employers and workforce. It contrasts sharply with the constructive social partnership approach in Wales – valuing the workforce, supporting public services and encouraging enterprise.

“Overall, we believe the Bill is flawed and should not be pursued.”

The Assembly’s Enterprise and Business Committee considered the Bill and felt strongly that a Legislative Consent Motion is required in relation to various provisions of the Bill and that it was for the Assembly to decide whether or not to give consent.

Leighton Andrews added:

“Significant parts of the Bill relate specifically to public services which are clearly devolved. It is not acceptable for the UK Government to try to impose it on Wales.

“Despite repeated attempts to engage with the Prime Minister and the Minister for State Nick Boles MP, our devolved interests have not been recognised.”


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