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WWF-UK Summer Budget response

 WWF-UK CEO David Nussbaum responded to yesterday’s Budget

“The Chancellor once promised to make the Treasury a green ally, not a foe.  He should be using the first Conservative-only Budget for almost two decades to put the country on a cost-effective path to a sustainable and clean economy and secure our energy supply far into the future.

“If George Osborne pulls the rug out from under the entrepreneurs who are developing long-term solutions to the country’s energy challenges, he will exhibit a spectacular failure of vision.  To secure the private sector investment we need in renewables for our energy security and resilience, at lowest cost, which requires consistent long-term policies from the Treasury – not sporadic fiddling with previously announced support. 

“Using financial incentives to promote clean energy is a great way to stimulate growth and jobs.  In any case, the sums invested in wind, wave and solar pale into insignificance when set against the public money poured into fossil fuels, which are not part of the economy we need to build.”

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  Oliver Fry | Political Media Relations Manager
  T: +44 (0)1483 412280 | M: +44 (0)7855 456 453 wwf.org.uk

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