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WWF-UK comments on the Prime Minister's speech on leaving the EU

Trevor Hutchings, Director of Advocacy at WWF-UK commented:on the recent speech by Prime Minister, Theresa May, on leaving the EU

“The focus of the Prime Minister’s speech was Britain’s place in the world.  The environment will be a critical area for the Government’s negotiations to establish our new global role, and is a key foundation of the shared European heritage to which she referred. Getting the best deal for the environment was not among the 12 key objectives for the negotiations set out by Theresa May, but the Government has pledged to leave the UK environment in a better state than it found it.  So, from the air we breathe to the soil we use and the water we drink, renegotiating our relationship with the rest of the EU presents a real opportunity, but only if the Government makes enhancing environmental protections at home and abroad a priority.”

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