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Wales TUC welcomes the launch of the Anti-racist Wales Action plan

We welcome the publishing of the Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales Action plan

We have worked closely with the Welsh Government and Trade Unions in Wales to highlight how racism has blighted the lives of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic workers.   

Moving towards anti racism is a collective movement – something that cannot be achieved by one person, or by one organisation.  It is something that needs a cultural and seismic shift.  We’ve worked hard to highlight how racism is impacting on the lives of working people in Wales, and to identify what actions need to be prioritised to move us towards an anti-racist Wales. 

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the racism that Black and Minority Ethnic workers face.  Black and Minority Ethnic workers shared their everyday lived experiences with unions of working on poor quality contracts, having little or no security or chance of progression, often working in front line jobs with poor workplace health and safety protections or provision of PPE. 

Shavanah Taj General Secretary of Wales TUC recently said:

“As trade unionists, we are wholeheartedly committed to making sure that the Anti-racist Wales Action plan is properly enacted and that all organisations, including trade unions are open, transparent and accountable.” 

“The publishing of this plan is a welcome first step and I commend the Welsh Government for pushing on and doing this important work. But it is just that – a first step in dismantling a complicated system which has long discriminated against Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people. 

“We will always stand up for all workers, and trade unions are crucial to implementing the Anti-racist Wales Action plan in workplaces, communities and services across Wales.”


Original article link: https://www.tuc.org.uk/news/wales-tuc-welcomes-launch-anti-racist-wales-action-plan

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