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Want to offer a different perspective? Join the GCS Shadow Board

Blog post by GCS Shadow Board, Wednesday 27 March 2019.

Now in our third year, the GCS Shadow Board provide a fresh and alternative voice to the GCS. As part of the GCS governance structure, we act as a sounding board for the Directors of Communications group and GCS Professional Standards team.

Bringing our own experiences to the table, from championing gender diversity to working with young people, we particularly focus on diversity and inclusion. We are also involved in cross-government work streams to help shape the future of GCS.

We’re now recruiting for a new Board and want to encourage colleagues who are grade SIO and above (or ALB equivalents) to apply by completing the brief form by midday, Friday 5 April.

Being involved in the GCS Shadow Board offers the opportunity to attend and speak at Director of Communication meetings and events. This year, members will also support GCS 2020 to build our profession and ensure the GCS remains fit for an ever-changing future.

We found that being a member of the GCS Shadow Board is as much of an opportunity for your own learning and development, as it is for you to share your experiences with the GCS team.

Julie McIvor, Senior Marketing Manager, HM Revenue & Customs:

“Being a Shadow Board member is a great opportunity to better understand the communications landscape in which we operate and the upcoming challenges and opportunities that the GCS community faces. In my role I have been able to help shape work streams that are driving the profession forward and it’s been very rewarding. It’s a role that I would definitely recommend to colleagues.”

Farhad Ahmed, Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, Health & Safety Executive:

“It’s great to learn how the profession is constantly challenging itself to be the best it can be, and this has strengthened my identity as a Government communicator. Whether you have, or haven’t, served on a board before, this is a “money can’t buy” leadership development opportunity.”

You will also become part of a team that’s helping deliver the GCS commitment for its communications professionals to be representative of modern Britain.

Sofia Duff, Senior Communications Manager, Department for Work and Pensions:

“What initially attracted me to this opportunity was the chance to play an active part in helping deliver a vibrant GCS. I thought I would get to meet and work alongside other colleagues in different Government departments, and act as a sounding board to GCS on issues of diversity and inclusion. But it was so much more than that! We had an opportunity to gain executive experience, contributing our views to key projects, and were even able to present those views at the Directors of Communications meetings, chaired by Alex Aiken. It was a unique chance to get a true sense of the big picture.”

Helen Deakin, Senior External Affairs Manager, Department for Transport:

“As a Shadow Board member, not only do you get to consider the top priorities for the GCS and the latest in world class communications, you will also get the chance for hands-on involvement in a wide range of projects to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the year too.”


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