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Warmest Autumn on record for Northern Ireland

Autumn 2021 was the warmest on record for Northern Ireland and third warmest for the UK according to provisional figures released by the Met Office.

Autumn mean temperature statistics cover the three-month period of September, October and November, for which the UK had its third warmest Autumn (10.87°C) in a Met Office national temperature series which goes back to 1884. By the same measurement, England had its fourth warmest (11.64°C), Scotland its third warmest (9.48°C), Wales its third warmest (11.18°C) and Northern Ireland its warmest (10.95°C).

For Northern Ireland, Autumn’s figures continue a spell of often unusual heat or warmth, following its third warmest Summer on record, during which they broke their all-time temperature record with 31.3°C recorded at Castlederg during July.

The near-record mean temperatures for Autumn were spurred on by a September that was the second warmest on record for the UK, followed by a warm and wet October that saw mean temperatures at 1.4°C above average. November also had above-average mean temperatures for the UK, with 7°C making it 0.8°C above the long-term average.

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