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We can help local authorities with their refugee resettlement needs

From payment solutions and voucher schemes to language services and accommodation, we can help local authorities provide efficient and effective resettlement programmes in their communities.

Local authorities have taken on the responsibility for 2 specific and substantial refugee resettlement programmes since April 2021: the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Programme and the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

These vulnerable individuals often need help at very short notice which can be challenging for local authorities to manage. That’s why our local government team has taken the time to understand these challenges and highlight how our solutions can help.

Funds distribution and voucher scheme aggregations

It can be difficult for local authorities to get funds to refugees where cash may be their preferred option.

Funds disbursement involves a range of options, including vouchers, barcodes and SMS, either direct to individuals or through distribution points. It is a great solution for the most vulnerable and for citizens needing access to restricted funds.

If you are looking for a voucher scheme that can provide access to a wide range of retailers, then the voucher schemes agreement is ideal for you. You can choose and manage the shops the vouchers can work in, from groceries to clothing. The framework enables direct award of a contract to a supplier who could set up a scheme and start delivering vouchers in as little as 10 days.

We are planning to run 2 national aggregations through our funds disbursement and voucher schemes agreements. We run aggregations to combine purchases of similar procurement needs across multiple organisations, resulting in significant savings for those involved.

If you would like to learn more, or register your interest in either of these aggregations, contact us.

Language and learning solutions

If you have refugees that need assistance with the English language, or are lacking a basic education, we are able to provide solutions that can be put in place to make life easier.

Our Language Services agreement offers services that include translation, machine translation, interpretation and remote interpreting options. This may be particularly helpful for supporting refugees to integrate into the community, as well as reading and completing important forms and documents.

For local authorities, this agreement also has a regional lot structure providing access to a range of local suppliers – an important consideration if there is an urgent need for services.

The Learning and Training Services agreement can help refugees who would like to receive an education, including learning the English language and maths to increase their ability to integrate and contribute to society. As well as standard training, this agreement also provides access to niche training options from a large group of pre-qualified training providers, all in one place.


Accommodation for refugees may be in short supply, whether social housing or in the private rented sector. This can be a particular challenge when needing to house vulnerable citizens. We have 2 agreements that can support the accommodation of our refugees.

The Modular Buildings agreement provides a simple, low-cost way to address short and long term needs. You can buy or hire buildings and they are well suited to provide accommodation for those in urgent need. Read the Reading Borough Council modular buildings case study.

Often with very short notice and lacking documentation, it can be challenging to find short term accommodation for refugees. The Travel and Venue Solutions agreement can help local authorities to support refugees through a managed provider service. You can source and book overnight accommodation, as well as find specialist services for those with specific needs, like an additional visa or crisis management services.

Prepaid cards

Another way to support refugees financially can be through lot 2 of our Payment Solutions agreement. Prepaid cards are an alternative to cash and allow for a predetermined amount to be loaded onto the card. Controls can be placed on the card, for example transaction types can be blocked. Spend parameters can be controlled by the local authority that provides them.

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Our commercial solutions are here to help local authorities face the challenges of today and tomorrow. To find out more about how we can help you provide refugee support:


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