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Welcome to techUK AI week 2020!

9-13 November 2020, join the debate and discussion on social media using #AIweek.

Today marks the start of techUK’s annual AI campaign week. Throughout the week we will demonstrate how AI, paired with other critical technologies, is supporting the UK’s current adapt and recovery phase in the fight against COVID-19. We will share insights and case studies from members and other key stakeholders highlighting how AI is helping to build back the economy and support our society.

Furthermore, for the UK to remain a world-leader in AI we must ensure the UK has a clear, up-to-date strategy that visibly demonstrates the UK’s offering to businesses looking to locate, grow and scale in the UK. To remain globally competitive the UK’s current AI Sector Deal, which was originally published in April 2018, is due a refresh. Therefore during techUK’s AI campaign week members will also provide their recommendations on the issues and sectors that need the greatest support from government, to help to build the UK AI ecosystem and drive responsible adoption across the UK.

Over the coming days, our members and other industry experts will focus on the opportunities and challenges of AI paired with different technologies, as highlighted below:

  • Monday – AI and Automation
  • Tuesday – Cloud, Edge and AI
  • Wednesday – AI and Cybersecurity
  • Thursday – AI and Data Analytics
  • Friday – The UK’s AI future and recommended next steps

To keep up to date with all the great material being produced this week, take a look at the links below. You can also join the debate and discussion on social media using #AIweek and visiting @techUK.


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