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Welcome to techUK’s Data Analytics Week!

Today marks the beginning of techUK’s first ever Data Analytics Week- highlighting the opportunities and benefits of data analytics across different sectors and...

Data analytics has been used by organisations for decades to transform business productivity, mitigate risk and improve customer service. The rapid increase in data creation in recent years, paired with improvements in data storage, increased access to computing power offered by the cloud and advanced processing methods, has provided companies with an opportunity to unlock greater insights from their data in new and creative ways. Nowadays data analytics is intergral for many businesses to respond to customers wants and needs as well as remain commercially competitive. 

Throughout the week we will highlight best practice examples of how organisations are using data analytics tools and solutions to transform their businesses, optimising the customer experience and ensuring citizens/customers remain protected.  

We will also provide commentary on how these case studies can be applied to other sectors that are currently behind the adoption curve, to ensure all UK organisations are making the most of the data analytics tools and technologies that’s available to them.

Over the coming days, our members and other industry experts will be contributing blogs on data analytics in four key sectors:

  • Tuesday – Healthcare- including efforts to tackle COVID-19 
  • Wednesday – Environment, including transportation, energy 
  • Thursday – Cybersecurity  
  • Friday – Public Sector 

Why not join the debate and discussion on social media using #dataweek and visiting @techUK.

Keep up to date with all of this great material by viewing all of the posts so far by visiting the links below.

Tuesday – Healthcare- including efforts to tackle COVID-19

How to protect privacy in the era of extraordinary measures? – Guest blog: Logan Finucan, Senior Manager of Data & Trust, Access Partnership discusses how to protect privacy in light of the COVID-19 outbreak

Introducing the NHS COVID-19 Text Messaging Service – Guest blog: Dr James Graveston, Solution Consultant at Valtech discusses their involvement in developing the new NHS COVID-19 text messaging service. 

Using analytics to forecast the global impact of COVID-19 – Guest blog: Ken Miller, Product Director at Panintelligence highlights how data analytics can best be used to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measuring the impact of social distancing during COVID-19 – Guest blog: Patricia La Torre, Public Policy & Partnerships Manager at Humanising Autonomy discusses their human behaviour analytics software in response to COVID-19. 

Data & insights to support UK SMEs through turbulent times – Guest blog: Edward Thorne Head of International Sales and UK MD at Dun & Bradstreet explains why data is more important than ever to help companies manage the impact of COVID-19.

Enabling COVID-19 Research – Guest blog: Suzy Foster, CEO, EMIS Health discusses the importance of patient data to help researchers develop a deeper understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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