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Welsh Government backs working groups recommendations on de-carbonisation of homes

Proposals put forward by an independent working group looking at the decarbonisation of existing homes have been backed by the Welsh Housing Minister.

The RLA contributed to the working group as an independent stakeholder.

The purpose of the group was to scope out recommendations for how to country could meet its goal to reduce the amount of carbon consumed in 1.4 million homes across Wales by 80% in thirty years through an all tenure retrofit programme.

What the group is proposing

In order to achieve this goal, the working group made a number of key recommendations, including:

  • An irreversible long-term cross-party strategy towards reducing carbon
  • A commitment from the Welsh Government to support all tenures
  • Creating financial support mechanisms to enable private landlords who wish to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

With additional challenges in Wales with large amounts of carbon consumed through the energy sector, the housing sector have been given exceptionally difficult targets to reduce carbon. 

With these challenges, the UK Committee on Climate Change advised back in June that the target was to be revised to 95% with an ambition of achieving net zero carbon.

Although the private rented sector has made some of the most progress out of all tenures in reducing its carbon consumption, it remains the least efficient out of all tenure groups mainly due to the age of stock and the difficulties in channelling financial support.

Vice Chair of the RLA and Director for Wales, Douglas Haig said:

“We were really pleased to take part in this programme as an independent stakeholder.  Given the unique challenges that the PRS faces, it was imperative that the views of landlords and the sector were heard. 

“We are pleased that it has been recognised that a long-term political strategy is required and that a green finance group is being set up ready for the next Assembly term to drive innovative finance solutions.  Now that the recommendations have been made, we are excited about continuing our support through the implementation of these recommendations.”


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