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Welsh language guidance published

The UK Government in Wales has developed guidance with input from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office to provide you with general advice when planning and delivering bilingual communications activity aimed at Welsh speakers.

Mae Llywodraeth y DU yng Nghymru wedi datblygu canllaw gyda mewnbwn gan Swyddfa Comisiynydd y Gymraeg i ddarparu cyngor cyffredinol pan yn cynllunio a darparu gweithgarwch cyfathrebu dwyieithog wedi’i anelu at siaradwyr Cymraeg.

The new guidance contains recommendations and good practice when planning and delivering activities including consultations, events, campaigns and social media content. Every department or agency should also ensure that they comply with the specific commitments of their own Welsh language scheme as a minimum.

The Welsh Language Commissioner’s vision is for a Wales where people can use the Welsh language in their everyday lives. This is a vision which is shared by the UK Government in Wales, and this guidance intended to support you in making sure that the Welsh language is visible, audible and above all accessible.

Visit GOV.UK to read the guidance Communicating Bilingually: Guidance for UK Government departments when communicating in Wales

Ewch i GOV.UK i ddarllen y canllaw Cyfathrebu’n Ddwyieithog: Arweiniad i adrannau Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig ar gyfer cyfathrebu yng Nghymru

Foreword from Alex Aiken, Executive Director of UK Government Communication

Alex Aiken headshot

Over the last few decades, the United Kingdom has undergone unprecedented change in our constitutional makeup. We have marked 20 years of devolution in Wales and Scotland, and have witnessed the positive impact of all governments working together and holding each other to account.

But while devolution continues to evolve and powers are transferred, never has there been a more important time to generate effective communications. We have a duty to help individuals, businesses and communities to understand how they can make the most of public services.

This means strengthening our democratic systems, raising the quality of our output to meet the diverse needs of our audiences and delivering for communities in every corner of the United Kingdom.

This guidance will help you achieve that. It will ensure that communicators provide a platform for Welsh speaking audiences, allowing everyone in Wales to engage and respond to the work of government departments.

It raises the standard of our work, making sure we respect the rights of all citizens and languages that make up the union of the United Kingdom.

It will also enable us to ensure that the work of the UK Government is understood and that we can tackle misinformation about the role that we play.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this guidance and I hope it will support you in the work that you do to serve our country and meet the demands of the future.


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