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What government might look like in 2030

Blog posted by: , 11 May 2016.

Earlier this week, I was asked to speak on this subject at TechUK’s Public Sector 2030 event. I don’t claim any special ability to see the future, and I think predicting specific technological advances is probably a fool’s errand - but I was happy to offer my best guess for the broader themes.

Here’s what I said.

Slide from Stephen Foreshew-Cain's talk - shows a very simple timeline 'Now - 2030'

Good morning everyone, and thanks for having me here.

The year 2030 is less than 15 years away. It doesn’t sound like that long, but in terms of technology, it will be a whole new world.

After all, just look 15 years back - 15 years ago, the web was brand new, and government didn't really know what to do with it.

Broadband connections were few and far between, wifi was unheard of. Smartphones hadn't been invented, and nor had social media. Cloud computing and virtualised infrastructure were in their infancy, and services we have today that let us collaborate with colleagues or connect with customers in real-time didn’t exist.

Back then, you still bought your music on CDs. Even the most visionary scoffed at the idea we might one day rent our music. And in just 15 years we've gone from CDs to ripping, downloading, now streaming. The music industry isn’t about owning music any more, it's about experiencing it.

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