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What is Sellafield?

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What do you know about Sellafield? Encircled by miles of fencing, and with armed guards at its gates, for many people - Sellafield is an enigma.

Sellafield itself is in north-west England, in a remote costal location with the Irish Sea on one side and the mountains of the Lake District on the other.

Sellafield the town

Covering a footprint of 2 square miles, hundreds of buildings and thousands of people, Sellafield needs some of the same infrastructures as a small town.

Did you know that Sellafield has:

  • an active and non-active laundry?
  • a postal service?
  • canteens?
  • shops?
  • utilities, including water and steam?
  • a road and rail network?
  • an armed police force?
  • a civilian guard force?
  • emergency services including fire and rescue and paramedics?
  • a medical team?

Sellafield is changing

Here we’ll explain what Sellafield was when the site first opened, what it is today – and what it’s becoming.

The best of the best people work here, in a range of extraordinary roles. And we have a critical mission.

70 years of national service

In 1947, the Sellafield site opened with a single mission – the production of plutonium, a radioactive chemical element for use in Britain’s nuclear deterrent. As the nation’s priorities shifted, pioneers at the site:

  • designed and built the world’s first commercial-sized nuclear power station
  • recycled nuclear fuel so that both plutonium and uranium, another chemical element, could be recovered and reused
  • created safe treatment and storage options for all types of nuclear waste

Today the Sellafield site presents one of the most significant environmental remediation challenges in Europe.

Did you know?

  • Sellafield covers 2-square miles
  • it operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • it’s home to 4 of the biggest nuclear risks and hazards in Europe
  • over 10,000 staff operate the site
  • more than 4,000 supply chain experts help our employees
  • we spend £2 billion every year – but are a non-profit organisation

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