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What is the Adult Education Budget (AEB)?

As a training provider, understanding the Adult Education Budget (AEB) is crucial for effectively serving adult learners in England. The AEB is a vital funding mechanism provided by the government to support individuals aged 19 and above in gaining new skills, advancing their education, and improving employability prospects. 

What is the Adult Education Budget (AEB)? 

The AEB is a cornerstone funding source aimed at empowering adult learners with opportunities for skill development and educational advancement. As a training provider, leveraging AEB funding can enable you to offer a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the needs of adult learners. Depending on where you are based in the country will depend on whether you can access national or devolved AEB funding. 

Who is eligible for AEB Funding? 

AEB funding is accessible to adults aged 19 and above, irrespective of their employment status. This inclusivity ensures that individuals, whether employed, unemployed, or balancing other commitments, can benefit from AEB-funded training provided by approved providers like yours. 

What types of courses does AEB cover? 

The AEB supports various educational courses, including: 

  • vocational qualifications 
  • basic skills training (such as literacy and numeracy) 
  • English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) courses 
  • community learning programmes. 

What are the benefits of AEB-funded training? 

AEB-funded training offers significant advantages to both learners and training providers. By enabling learners to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, AEB funding enhances employability and career prospects.

Additionally, it fosters personal growth and confidence, empowering learners to pursue their goals and aspirations. For training providers, accessing AEB funding expands your reach and impact, allowing you to offer high-quality education and training to a broader audience. 

Can AEB funding help with employment? 

Absolutely! AEB-funded courses are specifically designed to enhance individuals' employability by equipping them with relevant skills and qualifications. As a training provider, leveraging AEB funding enables you to deliver courses tailored to meet the demands of the job market, thereby facilitating smoother transitions into employment for learners. 

How can training providers access AEB-funded courses? 

Accessing AEB-funded courses involves partnering with approved training providers and organizations like NCFE. By aligning with NCFE's network, training providers can offer AEB-funded courses that meet quality standards and align with government priorities. This partnership facilitates the effective distribution and delivery of AEB funding, ensuring that adult learners can access the education and training they need to succeed. 

Ready to leverage your AEB funding? 

Understanding the Adult Education Budget (AEB) is pivotal for training providers seeking to empower adult learners and drive positive outcomes. By leveraging AEB funding, training providers can offer diverse courses, enhance employability, and contribute to personal and professional growth.  

With NCFE's support in distributing AEB funding, the pathway to adult education becomes clearer and more accessible, enabling training providers to unlock opportunities and make a lasting impact on learners' lives. Embark on this journey today and join us in unlocking the potential of the Adult Education Budget. 

Discover more information about the Adult Education Budget, as well as further options to fund your study, by visiting our adult funding and loans page. 


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