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What to expect from techUK’s Scale-Up Council

Following a competitive set of elections, I am delighted to announce that techUK’s Scale-Up Council has now elected a new Chair and Vice-Chair. x () will lead the Council as Chair. The Vice-Chair position will be filled by x ().

x and x will spearhead the Council’s efforts in 2024 and 2025, guiding techUK scale-up members. Have a read below to find out what your new Chair and Vice-Chair will be prioritising, as well as to hear from two Council members x (x) and x (x) on their hopes for the Council this year.

See the full list of Scale-Up Council members here.


I would like to ensure the voice of industry is actively heard and engaged. The sector faces challenges across multiple settings, and I feel the supplier community can add huge value. For many reasons, secondary care is often prioritised; the real benefit to us as citizens (whether as patients, family, or staff) is joining up our care sectors to transform the way services are delivered across transitions of care. We can improve patient pathways and boost cost savings and efficiencies. It’s vital that we collaborate with other suppliers to ease the totality of the burden. We must continue to influence policy to join up funding and approaches – and look more holistically at the way we deliver care across the UK.

Paula Ridd

Strategy Director, Health & Care, Civica

I have a keen interest in driving forward efficiencies for demand and capacity management in health and care at this time of great need, with focus on frictionless processes and integrating data to assist in routine operational and clinical decision making. I firmly believe if we get this right, we will together build the new post-COVID digital highway, underpinning new MedTech innovation, creating an attractive environment life science, and improving population health outcomes for all. A key priority will be providing new and emerging health technology firms with better access to the NHS and, conversely, providing the NHS with easier access to their innovation. A particular focus here will be to drive forward AI – the NHS has a wide range of needs amenable to AI, and to large language models in particular. The potential benefits to NHS productivity and patient outcomes are significant, and the Council can support the acceleration of AI adoption, in a responsible, secure and well-governed way.

Justin Whatling

Managing Director Global Health & Life Sciences, Palantir

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