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When innovation, manufacturing and dance combine

When you think of large-scale furniture manufacturing, you may picture huge industrial units, hot, dusty, noisy machinery, artificial lighting and monotonous production lines. But it can be done differently.

Dance-circus company Motionhouse and furniture manufacturers Vitsœ have been pioneering a vibrant, like-minded working community as they share Vitsœ’s production building in Royal Leamington Spa. As the furniture makers mark 60 years in the business, it’s proving to be a good move for all involved.

In 2017, Vitsœ moved from central London to Royal Leamington Spa, designing a low-energy, adaptable building, complete with space for making, offices, research, development, product assembly, dining and overnight accommodation. With support from Arts Council and the National Lottery, the internationally renowned Motionhouse joined forces with the furniture manufacturer and the partnership’s strength is in their shared values:

Precision, design, artistic vision and aesthetics; self-awareness and a concern for the natural environment; innovation and teamwork.

Sharing one inspirational space has energised the Motionhouse team, and they’ve found working in a building with people from a different sector has offered them constructive and affirming feedback. With everything from window position to plug sockets carefully designed to maximise aesthetics and efficiency, the naturally lit and ventilated building lends itself beautifully as a rehearsal space for Motionhouse.

Peter Knott, Area Director for Arts Council England, said

“Creative partnerships such as this are a fantastic way to share ideas and discover new ways of working, and is a great example of how business, the arts and innovation can come together and make great things happen.

“Having such a collaborative and creative business in Leamington Spa is a real asset to the town, and a real point of pride for those who work there. Together, Vitsœ and Motionhouse inspire and complement each other, blending the best of art, business and technology to form a unique and productive atmosphere where creativity can thrive.”


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