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When, why and how should you assess the privacy impact of Big Data processing?

The ICO - techUK roundtable discussion on the role of privacy impact assesments (PIAs) in big data projects 

On Monday 28 September techUK held a roundtable discussion with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on the role of privacy impact assessments (PIAs) in big data projects. In what was a free flowing exchange of views the meeting explored how data protection and privacy issues are currently being addressed in Big Data projects and how PIA's could assist organisations to ensure privacy risks related to Big Data initiatives are addressed before and during Big Data projects.

During the meeting attendees worked through a series of questions designed to explore the relevance of different aspects of the current PIA process in the context of a big data project. Issues raised by the discussion included where the responsibility lies within organisations for conducting a PIA, how organisations currently engage with data subjects involved in big data initiatives and data subjects expectations about how data is used in big data projects. Also discussed was the extent to which organisations currently gain a competitive advantage by conducting PIA's. The meeting also provided an opportunity for industry and the ICO to share views on the importance of addressing privacy and trust issues to ensure the UK can achieve the full economic and social value that the adoption and use of Big Data and Data Analytics tools and technologies can provide.

In closing the meeting the ICO thanks members for their input which will be used to assist the ICO to develop further advice, information and guidance material for organisations on how PIA's could be applied to Big Data projects. Further information about the PIA process is also available in the ICO's Code of Practice.

techUK members that were not able to attend this session but would like to discuss the role of PIA's in big data processing and provide input to the ICO's activities in this area should contact Sue Daley, Head of Big Data, Cloud and Mobile.

Sue Daley, Head of Programme for Big Data,Cloud and Mobile.

T:  0207 7331 2000

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