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Whitepaper launch: Strengthening the UK-Japan Strategic Partnership Through Innovation

A new techUK whitepaper shares recommendations to UK and Japan governments to spur international collaboration across the tech industry.

techUK, in collaboration with its UK-Japan Tech Forum, has published an industry position paper on future UK-Japan cooperation on data, tech and innovation. Jointly run by techUK and JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), the forum brings together both organisations’ members to speak with one voice on the role which technology can play in strengthening this vital partnership.

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The whitepaper Strengthening the UK-Japan Strategic Partnership Through Innovation makes recommendations for the governments of the UK and Japan for bilateral cooperation on digital trade, data and emerging technologies, as well as on how both countries can leverage their leadership on an international level to advance the digital trade agenda – building on existing commitments between both countries made in the Joint Announcement on Digital Collaboration and the formation of the UK-Japan Digital Group in May 2022. 

From the ambitious digital chapter and mechanisms for shared innovation in the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between the UK and Japan in 2020 to the launch of the UK-Japan Digital Group earlier in 2022, technology is critical to what both countries can achieve together. As both the UK and Japan have set out their strategies for technology, it is clear they are ambitious about a future with shared strategic goals.  

The technology industry welcomes the determination to work more closely on developing digital solutions, facing shared challenges, and on collaborating across the range of technologies that will shape the future of both the UK and Japan, such as AI, quantum, digital twins, and blockchain.

Paul Patterson, CEO and Head of Northern & Western Europe – Fujitsu yesterday said:

I am delighted that the Japanese and UK tech sectors are playing a leading role in realising the potential of collaboration between the UK and Japan to deliver tangible benefits to both countries. The UK-Japan Tech Forum brings together techUK and JEITA to speak with one voice on the role which technology can play in strengthening this vital partnership. This paper from the Tech Forum builds on the far reaching digital and data provisions in the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and sets out concrete recommendations to grow strategic collaboration, increase trade and drive future investment. The Tech Forum is committed to making sure innovation remains at the heart of the UK-Japan partnership and that we use technology to solve shared challenges and realise the potential of cooperation.

Keiichi Kawakami, Senior Executive Vice President – JEITA yesterday said:

Japan and the UK are like-minded partners sharing the same values and interests, including an open market economy, human rights, freedom, equality, and the rule of law. The fact that the UK-Japan CEPA was the first trade agreement signed by the UK after it became an independent trading nation in January 2020 shows the seriousness of the economic relationship between the two countries and mutual respect. With the comprehensive digital chapter, the UK-Japan CEPA demonstrates a new economic partnership that will lead to further promotion of trade and investment between Japan and the UK. The UK-Japan Digital Group is a cooperative agenda following the Japan-UK CEPA to promote common interests between the two countries. Today, when digital technology is indispensable for solving social issues such as economic growth, carbon neutrality, and the realization of wellness, we have high expectations for this "Japan-UK Digital Group", which will lead to the deepening of concrete digital cooperation.

Jana Psarska, Policy Manager for International Trade – techUK yesterday said:

techUK is pleased to partner with JEITA on developing a set of recommendation for further UK-Japan collaboration on tech and innovation; building on existing commitments between both countries set out in the UK-Japan CEPA and joint announcement on digital collaboration from May 2022. Technology and innovation sit at the heart of the growing UK-Japan partnership. Increasing the flow of technology and innovation between the UK and Japan can help solve shared challenges to benefit business, government and society. Jointly run by techUK and JEITA, the UK-Japan Tech Forum can help bridge UK and Japanese companies of all sizes and realise this great bridge of innovation. We are looking forward to working with the Forum members to support the recently announced UK-Japan Digital Group set up by both governments to deepen bilateral digital collaboration.


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