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Why Scotland is better off as part of the UK

9 reasons why Scotland is better off as part of the UK. 

1. People in Scotland get the best of both worlds

The security of being part of the larger United Kingdom and a Scottish Parliament that is strong and getting stronger. As a part of the UK Scotland has 2 governments working in its interests.


2. People in Scotland can trade freely with the rest of the UK

It’s easier for 2 parts of the same country to do business than 2 separate countries. Thousands of Scottish jobs rely on trade with the rest of the UK and 70% of Scottish exports go to the rest of the UK.

Scottish businesses trade more with the UK than with the rest of the world


3. Scotland’s businesses are supported abroad

Scotland benefits from the UK’s diplomatic network. Over 14,000 people are employed around the world to promote and protect the interests of businesses based in Scotland – like defending Scotch whisky from counterfeits.


4. People living in Scotland benefit from the UK dividend

Worth £1400 a year for every person in Scotland - because as part of the UK, Scotland will continue to benefit from lower taxes and higher levels of public spending.



5. Scotland is part of a successful family of nations

For over 300 years, Scotland has flourished as part of the UK. And together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland it has created one of the most successful family of nations.


6. Scotland’s economy is protected by its place in the wider UK economy

Scotland can make its own decisions in devolved areas, while sharing risks and resources with the rest of the UK.


7. Scotland benefits from over 200 shared public institutions

Like the BBC and the National Lottery. As part of the UK, people can receive free medical assistance from any hospital in the UK.


8. Use of the £

One of the oldest and most stable currencies in the world. An independent Scotland would not be able to use the £, or the Bank of England as part of a formal currency union.


9. More support for public services

As part of the UK, Scotland benefits from public spending that is around 10% higher than the UK average.


This list brings together key findings from, ‘United Kingdom, united future: Conclusions of the Scotland analysis programme’

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