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Winter Essential Frameworks and Products

Winter can often bring with it an array of challenges for organisations, from poor weather conditions and icy roads to limited driving vision and an increase of pests and rodents among other things.

To help you and your organisation get through the winter season, we have highlighted a range of easy to use and free-to-access frameworks and essential products to keep you going and safe for the cold months ahead.

Essential frameworks

Our winter essential frameworks include:

  • De-Icing Salt & Associated Products
  • Lubricating Oils, Greases and Anti-freeze
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing
  • Pest Control Products and Services
  • Specialist Vehicles
  • Street Lighting Solutions
  • Tyres and Related Services

To see our full range of winter essential frameworks, and details of the relevant products and services included within these, please click here.

Essential products

Our catalogue products suited to the winter season include items from these categories:

  • Site management
  • Hygiene
  • Infection control

Click here to see our full range of suggested products.

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