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Workplace Wellbeing Profile

Workplace Wellbeing Profile

This profile was created by APM Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group (APM WiPM SIG) sub-group, specifically looking at Mental Health and Wellbeing for project managers in September 2022.


Video – introducing the Workplace Wellbeing Profile

Template worksheet for completing your Workplace Wellbeing Profile


Let’s start with; What is the Workplace Wellbeing Profile

It is a collaborative communication toolbox, specifically tailored to each individual, that they can use in their workplace to identify ways to manage their wellbeing.

It enables discussions between teams and managers to gain a common understanding of how a person’s mental health and wellbeing can be supported in the workplace.

We have also created a profile template for you to use as you work through the videos. This document can then be used during discussions with your teams and manager.

The main purpose of the Workplace Wellbeing Profile is as a tool to enable open and honest communication.

By understanding yourself, and writing this down, you will have a basis for constructive discussions, in which you can communicate your personal work styles to your team.

They will then be more aware of when things are not going quite right for you, and will be able to take into account the supportive actions you have identified, and hopefully agreed upon.

In order to get the most out of the tool, you will need to take responsibility for creating your own profile.

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