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Young people's experiences of precarious and flexible work – Main Report

The research report presents findings on young people's experiences of precarious and flexible work. These work conditions included where young people had for example zero hours contracts, low wages, lack of progression opportunities, dissatisfaction with current employment, or varying hours.

Progressive Partnership was commissioned by the Scottish Government to undertake research to better understand young people’s experiences of precarious and flexible work. The research included a secondary evidence review, as well as primary research in the form of focus groups and a large Scotland-wide face-to-face survey.

Ten qualitative focus groups were conducted across various locations in Scotland with 16-24 year olds currently employed or who had held a job in the last 6 months (the overall sample size was 66). 1,043 quantitative survey interviews were conducted with 16-24 year olds who were currently employed or had been employed in Scotland within the last 24 months. The research findings cover a number of areas including young people’s circumstances, awareness of contractual status, types of precarious or flexible working conditions, experience of precarious and flexible working conditions and views around changing working circumstances. The research was conducted and analysed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young people’s experiences of precarious and flexible work - A report by Progressive Partnership for the Scottish Government - Main Report 103 page PDF 1.4 MB


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