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You’re not too old to go for gold: ‘OlympAGE Games’ helps keep older people healthy and active

More than 100 older and disabled people are ready and set to go all out to prove they’re not too old to go for gold at the‘OlympAGE Games’ in Bridgend today.

The Minister for Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies, will attend the launch of the games, saying that it’s vital older people keep healthy and active as part of efforts to help maintain their independence and reduce social isolation.

The ‘OlympAGE Games’ which will see older people and disabled people competing in Rio-inspired team-based competitive activities.

Older people and disabled people are less likely to meet the recommended levels of physical activity than the general population.

There is a clear link between physical activity and improved mental health and well-being; increasing levels of physical activity can improve both quality and length of life.

Speaking ahead of the games, Social Care Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies said:

“It’s great to see events like the OlympAGE games taking place. It’s a fun way of encouraging older and disabled people to stay active. 

“As well as fostering better physical health, this initiative helps improve the mental well-being of those involved by supporting them to be more socially active. It’s also great to see students from Bridgend College helping those taking part in the games, bringing the generations together.

“So my message to older people across Wales is – take part in physical activities that you like and are interested in, and show people you’re not too old to go for gold!”


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