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techUK Launches Drone Campaign Week

A week of content highlighting the benefits drones can bring.

On 13 January, techUK will kick off its Drones campaign week which is focused on rebalancing the public debate and discussion on drones. All week we will be exploring the ways in which drones, and related robotic technologies, are being developed and deployed by organisations across both the public and private sector and making a difference to people’s everyday lives.  

Throughout the whole week techUK will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on how the UK can realise the benefits and opportunities offered by drones, as well as the steps that need to be taken to increase the take up, adoption and use of drones technologies. During the week we will be focusing on the following key topics: 

Monday – The UK’s vision for drones and how to make this happen 

Tuesday – How drones are supporting public services and making a difference 

Wednesday – Opportunities for UK businesses - how to generate greater demand and adoption 

Thursday – Challenges and barriers to the UK’s drone future and how these can be addressed  

Friday – Next steps and moving forward – what are the key ingredients of UK drone success  

All week we will be sharing guest blogs and podcast interviews with business leaders, press articles and daily tweets reflecting on the current state of play in the UK around the positive use and power of drones technologies and looking ahead at what an increased use of drones may look like in the future. 

We are now looking for members interested in providing input to drones week! If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with .

All blogs must be submitted under our contributor guidelines and submitted by Friday 10th January.  

Before Drones Week begins you can still get involved on Twitter: @techUK #dronesforgood


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