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techUK Signs Multi-Industry Statement on Cross-Border Data Transfers and Data Localization in WTO Negotiations on E-Commerce

techUK joins other organisations in calling for an agreement which disciplines unnecessary or discriminatory data localization mandates and data transfer restrictions in the WTO e-commerce negotiations.

techUK is proud to join over 75 associations from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceana & the Western Hemisphere calling for a cross-border data framework that matches the world’s highest standards. Together, we urge governments to make progress and set ambitious commitments in the WTO e-commerce talks to ensure safe and seamless cross-border data flows.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many aspects of public and commercial life into a remote environment, continued economic development, innovation, and employment depend upon cross-border access to digitally delivered services and technologies and upon the responsible movement of data across borders.

The statement was shared with the WTO JSI co-convenors. techUK will be joining a call with the JSI co-convenor delegations to receive an update on the status and timing fo the negotiations, with a particular focus on the issue of cross-border data transfers and data localisation disciplines. 

Read our multi-industry statement below.

Multi Industry Statement on CrossBorder Data Transfers and Data Localization.pdf

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