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techUK Supercharging Innovation Week 2023

The technology and innovation programme is excited to host its innovation campaign week, as part of the Supercharging Innovation campaign, between the 18th-22nd September #SuperchargeUKtech

Welcome to techUK's Supercharging Innovation Week!

During this week, techUK members will explore the emerging and transformative technologies at the heart of UK research and innovation. This week has been designed to investigate how to leverage the UK's strengths and push forward the application and commercialisation of these technologies, highlighting best practice from academia, industry and Government that is enabling success. As the trade association for UK technology, techUK is well positioned to explore how key emerging technologies can help deliver strategic advantage to the UK, while advocating for their sustainable, equitable and ethical application.

The technologies we will be featuring this week are:

  • Monday: Quantum Commercialisation: How do we action the UK Quantum Strategy to develop a world-pioneering quantum economy?
  • Tuesday: Web 3.0 and Metaverse Technologies: How can we foster responsible innovation in the Metaverse and Web 3.0 to Supercharge the UK Tech Landscape?
  • Wednesday: Emerging space technologies: What steps can the UK take to become a superpower across a broad spectrum of emerging and transformative space technologies? (Industries of the Future: Space webinar here)
  • Thursday: Applied AI, semiconductors and the future of compute: How do we get next-generation and innovative application right? (Future Visions: AI and Semiconductors webinar here)
  • Friday: Supercharging UK tech: What ingredients are needed to supercharge the UK as a globally competitive pioneer in applied research and innovation? (please note that this should have a policy angle)

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