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techUK Welcomes Government Response to Taylor Review

Technological innovation at forefront of good, well-paid jobs of the future, techUK Deputy CEO Antony Walker comments.

Commenting on the launch of the Government’s Good Work plan in response to Matthew Taylor’s review of modern working practices, techUK Deputy CEO Antony Walker said:

“The UK’s labour market is changing with new jobs and ways of working emerging across many sectors of the economy. Many of these jobs provide valuable opportunities and greater flexibility to people. However, the Government is right about the need to give greater clarity on the rights and protections available to workers undertaking these new roles. The tech sector welcomes the Government’s response to the Taylor review and is keen to support its goal to ensure that workers are treated fairly.  Technological innovation is crucial to developing the good, well paid jobs of the future. But innovation needs to work for everyone, which is why it is important that we get this right.”

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