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techUK calls for clarity on micro-mobility regulation

Transport Secretary Mark Harper urged to bring forward measures ahead of election

A letter has been sent by techUK to Transport Secretary Mark Harper, urging the implementation of regulations for micro-mobility in the next parliamentary session. 

In May 2022, it was announced that a new category for light electric vehicles would be created as part of a Transport Bill. A year on, the industry lacks any clear timeline from government on its implementation.

We are calling for these regulations to come forward as part of a wider future of transport package in the fourth session of parliament that will commence in Autumn. 

This regulation is crucial for the safe expansion of low-carbon transport and logistics services by manufacturers and operators. The UK is the sole European country that has yet to regulate micro-mobility usage, with the British manufacturing base having a global market share of less than 1%.

Julian David, CEO – techUK, yesterday said

We have a tremendous opportunity to improve the way we move people and goods through a regulatory framework for micro-mobility. By ramping-up our operations, the UK can set a path forward for more sustainable mobility, while capturing a significant international market. “However, as things stand, the UK is the only developed country without a path towards permanently regulating this form of transport. Further delays in regulation will undermine our ability to safely deploy innovative solutions and send investment overseas. If we truly want to become a science and technology superpower, then we must see regulation come forward and not let vital opportunities such as this slip between our fingers.


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