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techUK launches "A Vision for Digital Trade" in Brussels

An overview of techUK's "A Vision for Digital Trade" report.

Recently, 19 February, techUK joined forces with the European Services Forum for an event to discuss digital trade in the era of protectionism.

On this occasion, our deputy CEO, Antony Walker, has presented the main points of our latest report, “A Vision for Digital Trade”, focusing on what makes a good digital trade chapter and the EU and the UK can do to promote multilateralism and good digital trade principles at multilateral level and through bilateral trade agreements.

Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou, Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee in the European Parliament, has delivered the keynote speech, where she shared her vision of a values-based digital trade policy for the European Union.

A panel discussion, moderated by Sabina Ciofu, techUK’s Head of EU and Trade Policy, with participation from Erik van der Marel, Senior Economist at the European Centre for International Political Economy, Christophe Kiener, Head of Unit for Trade in Services at the European Commission, Amelie Coulet, Senior Policy Manager at IBM and Adam Prince, Vice-President for Product Management, Compliance and Brexit at Sage, examined the trends in digital policy globally and EU’s response to them.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, Google, IBM and Sage for their support in making this event possible and for promoting this vision for digital trade. You can read the report here.

Our next stop in this roadshow is Washington DC at the end of March. Should members wish to get involved, please reach out to Sabina.

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