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techUK launches Interoperability Charter for Health & Social Care

techUK sets out key principles for the IT industry, NHS and LG to commit to in order to deliver effective integrated care.

Yesterday techUK launched its Interoperability Charter, which sets out key principles for the IT industry, NHS and Local Government to commit to, in order to enable the change needed to deliver better integrated health and social care.

The NHS is changing. Simon Stevens' Five Year Forward View proposes new models of integrated care that will radically transform the traditional boundaries between primary, secondary, community and social care. techUK members that supply to the health and social care market welcome these changes and wish to make a meaningful contribution, by making their information systems more open and easier to integrate, to enable the free-flow of patient information between products, and hence across the care continuum.

Our Vision for Interoperability (March 2015) sets out the changes to interoperability standards that are needed to deliver radical service transformation. Signatories to our Interoperability Charter, which symbolises the core principles outlined in our Vision document, are committed to ensuring that their information systems are neither financial nor technical obstacles, but are the enablers of change in support of integrated care.

The voluntary Charter has been developed and ratified by techUK's Health and Social Care Council, following input from the wider membership of the techUK Health and Social Care Programme.

We invite companies to sign-up to the Charter, to publicly demonstrate their commitment to the five interoperability principles. Signatories will be published at regular intervals during the year. Please contact Natalie Bateman (details below) to find out how to get involved.

The Charter will be self-regulated. techUK's role will be to co-ordinate the development of the Charter, in terms of seeking supplier and stakeholder endorsement and providing regular updates on support.

techUK intends to engage with key stakeholders in Central Government, the NHS and Local Government over the next few weeks to secure their commitment to the principles set out for service providers.

This Charter has been developed in good faith and every effort has been used to reflect potential new ways of working. It is only intended to provide thought leadership. techUK does not accept any liability arising from use of, or reliance on, the Charter. techUK will not regulate compliance with the terms of the Charter.

You can download techUK's Interoperability Charter below.

Interoperability Charter (pdf)


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