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techUK launches The Five Point Plan for CareTech

techUK’s latest report, published yesterday [12 September] addresses the urgent need for technological advancements in the adult social care sector, offering a blueprint for revolutionising care provision and delivery across the UK.

In this report, “The Five Point Plan for CareTech”, developed in collaboration with techUK’s Social Care Working Group, techUK delves into the critical issues facing adult social care and highlights the transformative potential of technology-based solutions.

As the UK faces demographic shifts and an increasing demand for quality care services, the report provides a roadmap for leveraging digital innovation to improve health-span, enhance quality of life, and generate significant societal and economic benefits.

The Five Point Plan for CareTech follows on from techUK’s previous reports:

Drawing attention to the vision set forth by the Minister of State for Social Care, the report underlines the integral role of technology in reshaping adult social care. It highlights how digital solutions can enable citizens to lead independent and fulfilling lives while empowering care providers to offer personalised services. From AI and robotics to tailored CareTech experiences, the report explores a new era of demand driven by both citizens and commissioners, emphasising the importance of co-produced solutions and a seamless transition from analogue to digital.

With forwards provided by Sir David Pearson, Chair, TEC Quality; and former President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), and Clive Gilbert, Senior Policy and Research Manager at Policy Connect, the report outlines techUK’s commitment to driving change in the sector. This includes promoting the benefits of digital solutions, simplifying guidance for innovators, and fostering partnerships between local authorities and industry players through initiatives like the Innovators Network.

This report serves as a call to action for stakeholders across the spectrum, from policymakers and care providers to technology innovators and citizens, to come together and shape the future of adult social care through digital transformation.

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