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techUK launches briefing papers on Investigatory Powers Bill

Briefing documents outline key issues Government needs to address to balance privacy and security with industry’s legal requirements to support security services.

Since the start of the year three comprehensive reviews have taken place that assessed how the UK Government conducts surveillance activities; David Anderson's review into investigatory powersSir Nigel Sheinwald's review into international legal frameworks and jurisdiction and the Royal United Services Institute's (RUSI) independent surveillance review.  All three reviews highlighted the lack of transparency, legal clarity and effective oversight of current surveillance legislation.  The Government will build on the findings of these reviews when it publishes the upcoming Investigatory Powers Bill.

techUK has yesterday launched a briefing paper that helps explain the key issues the Government need to adopt in the Investigatory Powers Bill in order to balance consumers' desire for privacy and security with industry's legal requirements to support the security services in their vital work. This will support an ecosystem in which both UK and global technology companies can thrive, create jobs and contribute to the UK's economic growth.  

The briefing paper is accompanied by a more detailed 'Frequently Asked Questions' document that summarises the recommendations and findings of each of the reviews, and addresses any potential misconceptions around issues such as bulk data retention and encryption.  

Both briefing documents can be found below



More information about techUK's work on investigatory powers can be found here.


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