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techUK responds Conservative announcements on proposed new digital protections

techUK's Deputy CEO responds to Conservative Party announcements on proposed new digital protections and entitlements.

Responding to Conservative Party announcements on proposed new digital protections and entitlements, Antony Walker, Deputy CEO of techUK, recently commented:

"The Conservative Party is right to consider what a fit for purpose policy framework should look like for an increasingly digitised economy and society over the course of the next Parliament. The UK has a unique opportunity to shape a new future harnessing the power of technology to create an economy and society that works for everyone. That means tackling the challenges as much as grasping the opportunities.

"Tech companies already work hard to keep the online world safe and secure. Whilst tech companies, policy-makers and the third sector must always look at where further steps can be taken, it's important to recognise that technological solutions themselves can never be a silver bullet. The challenges raised by the Prime Minister are as much social issues as technological ones.

"Some of the detail in today’s announcement will need careful evaluation. Any initiatives should be developed on a clear evidence-based approach. Measures only just agreed in the Digital Economy Act 2017 should be given time to work. It is important that any requirements placed upon private companies to take down content are underpinned by a clear legal framework that is consistent with international norms and the positive benefits of a global open internet. We hope that the next Government will work closely with the private sector to understand and learn from best practice and what actually works on the ground.

"The next Government will need the UK’s world leading tech sector to be an engine of growth over the next five years. The UK must continue to be a place where the brightest and best come to found grow and scale the next generation of world leading businesses. New legislation must always be carefully thought through, and we urge all political parties to avoid broad brush policy solutions to the complex challenges of the digital age."


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