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techUK responds to European Council Brexit extension

Decision to extend Article 50 offers clear route to avoid a No Deal Brexit, but solution to impasse still needed.

Commenting on the decison by the European Council to grant an  extension to Article 50, techUK CEO, Julian David, said:

“Tech companies are known for being forward looking and disruptive, but even digital businesses could not envision the level of Brexit uncertainty they have endured. The outcome of the European Council has given the UK a path to avoid a No Deal Brexit.

“For those tech businesses desperate to avoid such an outcome, and the thousands of workers they employ, this comes as a relief after yet more political instability.

“However, the sequence of events for next week is now very clear. If the Prime Minister cannot secure approval from Parliament for her deal, it is critical that all alternative options are put to MPs and those from all Parties work together to agree a change in the process that secures a longer extension to Article 50 to deliver a solution which protects jobs and investment in the UK.

PM statement at the EU Council: 21 March 2019

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