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techUK responds to PM's latest Brexit speech

Julian David, CEO, techUK comments on Theresa May's Brexit speech yesterday.

Commenting on the speech delivered yesterday by the Prime Minister, techUK CEO, Julian David, said: 

“techUK continues to believe that supporting the Withdrawal Agreement would provide clarity to tech businesses about our immediate future. Yet there is little in the Prime Minister’s statement to give tech businesses confidence that a deal will be approved. The risk of a No Deal Brexit on 31 October remains very real in the minds of businesses.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment around a ‘customs compromise’ shows some movement towards a customs union, which is important for tech firms supplying goods. However, techUK is deeply concerned that nothing in the Prime Minister’s speech referenced the importance of services. Services make up 81 per cent of tech sector exports and the majority of the UK economy. It remains very worrying that the PM continues to dismiss the importance of the Single Market, and the availability of skills through freedom of movement.

“Despite our significant concerns, techUK strongly urges Parliament to give proper consideration to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. A No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for the UK’s place as a global hub for tech, and must be avoided at all costs.”


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