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techUK response to Digital Catapult report on Trust in Personal Data

Report highlights that distrust in use of personal data could hinder business growth.

Following the launch of Digital Catapult's Trust in Personal Data Review, Sue Daley, Head of Programme, Big Data, Cloud and Mobile at techUK commented:

"As our digital activities continue to mature the amount of data being created, processed and shared, both online and offline, continues to grow exponentially. These findings demonstrate just how important it is that people understand who has access to their data and how it is used.

The role and importance of data to the continued development of the UK digital economy is clear. Data is the power that will drive our digital economy. But our digital future will only be fully realised if consumers feel confident to share their data. Ensuring personal information is handled in an appropriate and transparent way is key to maintaining consumer privacy and trust.

The new European data protection regulation has the potential to underpin public trust and business growth, but we must get it right. We have called on the UK government to engage on negotiations to ensure the Regulation delivers strong consumer data protection whilst also enabling innovation which is key to the UK's future digital economy"


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