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techUK seeks input from members on Apprenticeship Levy

techUK is considering the impact the Levy will have on our members and is gathering data.

techUK is keen to hear member input on the Apprenticeship Levy.

We are considering the impact the levy will have on our members and are gathering data. As such, we would value your feedback on the following questions:

  1. Does your company currently provide apprenticeships?
  2. If so, is it through an external training provider or in-house?
  3. Do you anticipate your company being affected by the Levy?
  4. If so, are there sufficient resources in your company to handle the administrative task?
  5. What are your organisation’s main concerns around the Levy?

techUK is working to ensure that the implementation works in the best possible interest of tech companies, and Head of Policy Charlotte Holloway raised the importance of this when providing oral evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee on the Digital Skills Gap.

Below is a timeline of events for the implementation of the Levy:

  • Ongoing until April 2017 – Employers continue to develop apprenticeship standards and assessment plans and submit them for approval to BIS
  • January 2016 – Government will publish data on apprenticeship wage returns by sector subject area
  • Spring 2016 – Government to provide guidance to training providers on operation of the levy and changes to the funding system
  • From Summer 2016 – Government to communicate with employers on how levy will operate including PAYE guidance
  • April 2017 – Employers in scope will start paying the levy
  • By April 2017 – Government will establish the Institute for Apprenticeships to regulate the quality of apprenticeships and set caps on the level of government funding available for individual standards
  • From April 2017 – Employers submit apprenticeship standards and assessment plans for approval to the new quality body


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