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techUK to visit Washington D.C. for Strategic Engagement

Showcasing our commitment to bolstering transatlantic technology relations, techUK's CEO, Julian David, and Associate Director for International Policy and Trade, Sabina Ciofu, are scheduled to visit Washington D.C. from 3 to 5 June, 2024.

The visit aims to foster dialogue and collaboration with key U.S. administration officials, members of Congress, influential stakeholders, and techUK member companies.

Agenda Highlights

The visit underscores techUK's commitment to enhancing international cooperation on tech policy, trade, and innovation. Over the three-day visit, Julian David and Sabina Ciofu will engage in a series of high-level meetings and discussions to address critical issues affecting the technology sector. The agenda includes:

  1. Meetings with U.S. Administration Officials: Discussions with the Department of Commerce, State Department, and the National Security Council at the White House will focus on regulatory cooperation, digital trade, cooperation in cyber, defence and AI safety.
  2. Engagement with Congress: techUK will meet with key members of Congress to discuss the legislative landscape for technology and innovation. Topics such as data flows and data protection as well as artificial intelligence regulation will be high on the agenda. These engagements are crucial for understanding the evolving regulatory environment and advocating for policies that foster growth and cooperation.
  3. Discussions with other stakeholders: techUK will also hold conversations with think tanks, industry groups and other organisations. These sessions will explore shared challenges and opportunities in the tech sector, emphasizing the importance of a united approach to global tech governance.
  4. Member Companies: techUK will also meet several US-based member companies to discuss priorities, support and cooperation, ensuring our advocacy efforts are well-informed and effective.

Strengthening Bilateral Tech Ties

This visit reflects techUK’s commitment and proactive approach to international policy cooperation and trade. By engaging directly with policymakers and industry leaders, techUK aims to ensure that the interests of UK tech companies are well-represented and that bilateral relations continue to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Julian David, CEO of techUK, said, “Our visit to Washington D.C. is an important opportunity to deepen our engagement with U.S. counterparts. By collaborating on key policy issues and sharing best practices, we can drive innovation and ensure that the tech sector continues to be a powerful engine of growth and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Sabina Ciofu, Associate Director for International Policy and Trade, added, “In a rapidly evolving global tech landscape, it is essential to build strong international partnerships. Our meetings in Washington will help align our efforts on critical issues such as digital trade and regulatory standards, benefiting both our members and the wider tech community.”

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