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techUK welcomes Government commitment to basic digital skills

The Tech Partnership has been commissioned by Government to create a set of standards which clearly define the entry level digital skills required by business and industry. 

This commission is following a request from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department for Cutlure, Media and Sport (DCMS) to define basic digital skills, which is defined as those skills that everyone needs for life in a digitally-enabled world, for getting into employement and for success in the world of work. These standards are being created with the input from doteveryone and the Tinder Foundation. 

The outcome of this will be a publicly available framework, which can be used by individuals and training providers to ensure their basic digital skills are business ready. In the workplace, the framework can be used to ensure that members of staff are digitally engaged and keeping apace with the digital transformation in all businesses. 

The standards will be broken into two categories: basic technical skills and behavioural skills. The draft standards are now out for consultation with employers, educators and stakeholders. Anyone with an interest in digital skills is urged to feedback into these standards. The draft standards framework can be downloaded here and commments can be submitted via an online survey. The consultation is open until 15 June 2016.

techUK has a dedicated programme that addresses the skills shortage that many of our members face. techUK’s Skills, Talent and Migration Programme is a member forum to explore and promote initiatives and policy to address the lack of digital talent in the UK tech sector.

For more information on details on techUK's activity on skills, talent and diversity, get in touch with Doniya Soni, Programme Manager – Skills, Talent and Diversity
020 7331 2021

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