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techUK welcomes the new Ada Lovelace Institute on Digital Ethics

techUK's Antony Walker welcomes the Nuffield Foundation's announcements of the new Ada Lovelace Institute

Yesterday the Nuffield Foundation announced the launch of a new £5 million Ada Lovelace Institute to examine profound ethical and social issues arising from the use of data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, and to ensure they are harnessed for social well-being. First discussed at the techUK Digital Ethics Summit the Insitute will:

  • Convene diverse voices to build a shared understanding of the ethical questions raised by the application of data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Initiate research and build the evidence base on how these technologies affect society as a whole, and different groups within it.
  • Promote and support ethical practices that are deserving of public trust.

Antony Walker, Deputy Chief Executive of techUK, who is member of the Nuffield Data Ethics Advisory Board said: “Digital ethics is not a substitute for regulation, but an essential complement that can support innovation. techUK believes that by building a world-leading framework for digital governance the UK can be at the forefront of responsible and sustainable digital innovation. As digital technologies become more powerful, the ethical implications of innovation become more significant.

“The creation of the Ada Lovelace Institute sends a very clear message that the UK is taking a leadership position in moving on from talking about ethics to taking practical action. The Ada Lovelace Institute will build the capability and capacity we need to understand the ethical implications of new technology and provide practical tools to support good decision-making. techUK believes the Institute provides the right environment for industry, academia and policy makers to come together and develop and operationalise ethical decision-making. techUK looks forward to working closely with the Institute as it gets to work.”

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