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techUK’s COVID-19 local government repository of tech & innovation

A collation of case studies from techUK’s Local Public Services Committee council & public sector partners on how they’ve innovatively responded to the crisis...

During the crisis we have seen local public services and their partners work tirelessly to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their communities, services, and citizens. techUK has showcased how councils have swiftly and innovatively responded during our Connect & Protect campaign as well as our local government spotlight series where we heard from councils leaders how their borough and region responded and the role digital and data played.

The Covid-19 crisis has been a catalyst of digital change for many local authorities. From increase in remote working to virtual committee meetings to how services are being delivered, councils are working digitally. We have seen a swift and innovative response from local authorities, in particular those that already had strong leadership, existing digital infrastructure and agility in place.

You can download the repository here.

techUK’s Local Public Services Committee, senior local public sector leaders from tech companies large and small, have captured some of the innovations from their local public service partners into a repository illustrating how they’ve utilised digital to respond to some of the most pressing challenges during the crisis – from shielding the vulnerable -to managing mass remote working to enabling digital democracy. We hope this repository will also act as good practise for other councils embarking on their digital journey and seeing what is possible. This will be a living document and we encourage techUK members and local authorities to get in touch to share or signpost case studies. If you’d like to share or connect with a case study mentioned get in touch with

techUK’s Local Public Services Chair & Director, Local & Regional Government, Microsoft Faith la Grange yesterday commented:

“Together with my industry peers we have been in awe of the swift and tireless response of our local public service partners. Local government can often be perceived as a complex market, but techUK’s Local Public Services Committee are passionate about showcasing its innovation and help amplify transformation and collaboration across the ecosystem. We regularly hold events with local authorities and industry to solve common challenges together and show what the art of the possible is. This repository is an example of how far councils have come in their digital transformation and highlights some of the innovators and what outcomes digital can enable. We know there are a lot more good examples out there on how councils have responded to the pandemic, and encourage local public services to get in touch to share their story.”

techUK’s Head of Local Public Services, Georgina Maratheftis added:

“These last few months our members have been working tirelessly with local government to help in the transition to significant mass remote working and manage demand from contact services. Together they have responded with how either their platform and technology can enable local authorities manage incoming requests for support and to direct these to appropriate services, or third sector teams based on criteria such as location, type of help needed and level of vulnerability. The aim of this repository is to illustrate what is possible with the right processes, technology and culture in place. We look to build on this further so get in touch with any case studies you have.”


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