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techUK's Future Private Networks Week 2022

Welcome to techUK's Future Private Networks campaign week 2022, in which we celebrate the technology, innovation and expertise in the UK’s private networks sector, as we look to accelerate adoption, increase demand and help the UK realise the benefits of advanced connectivity for enterprise and the public sector.

This week, we are shining a spotlight on real-life use cases of advanced communications services across different sectors of industry and the public sector, and the cutting-edge technologies delivering benefits and service improvement for UK businesses. We are also seeking answers to how we can transition from trials and one-off projects to widespread adoption of private networks across the UK’s nations and regions. 

#techUKPrivateNetworks is the culmination of techUK’s private networks activity from the past year, which includes the publication of our brand new guide for prospective users, helping build a clear business case for deployment.

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