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techUK's London Tech Week activities

Here you can find the full list of techUK's activities as part of London Tech Week, from 1 to 11 September.

techUK is proud to once again be a strategic partner for London Tech Week. Join us in uniting tech and talent in a world-class hub of innovation!

This year’s festival will obviously be quite different to the ones in previous years. The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of this year’s events will of course be virtual. However, we really hope that this can open-up the festival and make it more accessible to people, regardless of location.

This year London Tech Week will look at the most pressing topics facing the tech sector and society today, across the environment, future of work, diversity within tech, education, healthcare, the startup landscape, business transformation and much more. At techUK we will be hosting a number of exciting events. We’ll also be supporting events where our staff will be participating and ensuring our members voices are front and centre of these important discussions.

With so much going on, this page provides a full breakdown of our activities for the week. We urge you to get involved by signing up to the events and look forward to seeing you, albeit virtually, this year.

Wednesday 2 September


Digital Twins for Logisitics

In this techUK webinar - the last of a four-part series of webinars covering the application of digital twins to the UK's infrastructure - our expert panelists be taking a closer look at how digital twins are driving innovation in logistics, and what the horizontal implications might be for other areas of the UK’s infrastructure.

Thursday 3 September

techUK Talks 1: What are the emerging and transformative technologies key to the UK’s post COVID recovery and for what comes next?  

What are the emerging and transformative technologies that will be key to the UK’ s post Covid economic and societal recovery. How can digital technology help organisations to recover, rebuild and reinvent their future. In this techUK Leaders session a panel of tech business leaders will explore in detail the role that technologies such as AI, RPA, IoT, Digital ID and 5G can play in the UK’s recovery.  It will discuss whether UK businesses are ready, willing and able to embrace tech and if not, what action is needed more to get them ready. The panel will also consider what has been learnt from the pandemic about how digital technologies are being used by businesses, whether the experience of the pandemic will lead to a repriotisation of digital investment by firms and what this could mean for the future of digital adoption and the pace of digital transformation seen across the UK

Monday 7 September

Climate Innovation Report Launch | 09:30 – 10:30

Climatetech is an emerging tech sector and digital is increasingly seen as being vital in the fight against climate change. A new report from techUK, with analysis from Deloitte, will outling the impact the sector is already making, the potential and the steps that the UK needs to adopt to ensure the UK is at the forefront of this emerging sector.

Is Diversity in Recruitment just a Numbers Game? | 12:00 - 13:00

Diversity is an issue on everyone’s lips this London Tech Week, but how do we make diversity and inclusion in the workplace be about more than just box-ticking and numbers? This event has been organised by the techUK Skills & Diversity Council.

Diversifying Telecoms: The Potential of Open RAN | 14:30 - 16:30

Recent months have shown us how important resilient, high-quality telecoms networks are to our economic and social well-being. This event will focus on the concept of Open RAN across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G; the evolution of the technology with a focus on current global deployments; what can be done to drive take up Open RAN technology and the benefits that it can deliver.

Tuesday 8 September

techUK Talks 2: Boosting Jobs and Skills for the Future | 11:00 – 12:00

As we look to recovery it is crucial that we build the future we need, equipping people with the right skills to thrive in a new future-facing economy. This means ensuring that we can identify which skills are necessary, how best to direct people to the right skills provision for them and ultimately back into the workforce.    If we fail to do this many people risk being left behind. The digital skills agenda and digital exclusion problem is one we have continued to chip away at, but the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how much more is left to do and instilled a new sense of urgency and purpose.  Ensuring the UK has the skilled workforce needed is also key to delivering sustainable post-pandemic growth. While some businesses may snap back to how they used to operate before, the lockdown and changing habits under it will create demand for new products and services. This shift in demand will have a subsequent effect on people, requiring them to develop new skills as a result of the changing economy. techUK’s panellists will explore the future of reskilling and retraining and what initiatives the tech industry has been spearheading.

Future of Work Summit | Partner event | All day

President of techUK, Jacqueline de Rojas CBE will be chairing this year’s summit

TECH | The New Era | Partner event

This event will be answering key questions such as: What innovations will drive tech after the lock-down economic shock? Will a new tech world-order emerge? What tech will be funded and what won't? Who will win the tech supply chain wars?

What role will London and the UK play in redefining tech and delivering on the innovation that’s needed? How will we work better with our international trading partners when all the old certainties have been turned upside down? Hear from leaders and speakers from Quadriga Consulting, Ipsos-MORI, IBM and many more.

Diversity and Inclusion in Healthtech: Ways to be a Good Ally | 14:00-15:00

Join this event to understand how you can do more to support underrepresented groups and champion their voices or share your experience.

Wednesday 9 September

Connected Homes Report | 10:00 – 12:00

Join us for the launch of our annual report, which will be is looking at the current consumer understanding of the connected home market. Developed in partnership with market research firm, GfK, it explores the appeal and ownership of different categories of devices and makes recommendations to encourage further adoption in the UK. The research covers knowledge and understanding of categories and ownership of connected home products and services and main barriers to adoption.

Industry experts will discuss the latest trends alongside GfK, techUK, and our Connected Home Working Group Chair Jay Chinnadorai. The report launch will be an engaging interaction and exploration of the sector as a whole and what can industry, together with techUK, do to promote and encourage a value proposition for consumers, working alongside government on privacy and security. You can check out our State of the Connected Home 2019 report.

Thursday 10 September

Decarbonising Data: How to get to a Net Zero Tech Sector | 9:30 - 12:30

This online London Tech Week fringe event will look at the carbon footprint of the tech sector and explore the steps companies can take to reduce their environmental impact.

Hearing from leading experts on tech and decarbonisation, we will look explore the latest energy and carbon trends in the sector, emerging best practice,  and some concrete steps businesses can take to understand, reduce and mitigate their impact as part of a pathways towards net-zero emissions.

techUK Talks 3: Technologies key to Public Sector Transformation Post-COVID | 14:00 – 15:00

As part of techUK’s LTW series of discussion this panel session will explore the technologies and reforms that will drive the next stage in public sector transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant disruption for public services delivery. As well as the clear impact on frontline service providers, it also led to shifting the majority of the enourmous public sector workforce to remote working, led to programmes being spun up at great pace, and others being paused or revised. Alongside the tech requirements that had to be met the response to pandemic also brought some changes in how Government engages with its supplier base. Our panellists will discuss the next wave of technologies that will transform the delivery of public services, will reflect on the lessons learend from the crisis, and explore the role of tech in making sure the public sector emerges from this crisis stronger and fitter than ever.


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