£2.3 million to boost Wales’ ‘nation of sanctuary’ pledge

18 Dec 2019 01:11 PM

£2.3 million has been announced on International Migrants Day to support refugees and migrant communities and to promote better community cohesion across Wales.

This new funding comes as part of the Welsh Government’s 2020/2021 draft Budget which was launched on Monday by the Finance Minister Rebecca Evans.

It forms part of the Welsh Government’s commitment to working towards becoming a ‘nation of sanctuary’ for refugee and asylum seekers, having published an action plan at the beginning of this year.

The ‘Nation of Sanctuary – Refugee and Asylum Seeker Plan’ highlights a range of targeted, culturally-appropriate support which recognises the importance of delivering tailored services for unique needs.

To help achieve this, the 2020/2021 Budget announces:

Additional to the Budget, £1m has been committed to continue the ReStart: Refugee Integration Project. A key element of the Nation of Sanctuary Plan, the service aims to improve the integration of refugees through access to language tuition, employability support and advice on local cultural knowledge.

Deputy Minister and Chief Whip Jane Hutt is responsible for overseeing support for refugees, community cohesion and equalities. She yesterday said:

International Migrant Day is a marked opportunity to reiterate our commitment to making Wales a nation of sanctuary for all.

Our action plan ensures refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed to Wales, regardless of circumstance, and today’s Budget announcement further cements our pledge.

This funding is about celebrating Wales’ diversity and that’s why I am proud we’re also announcing £40,000 for Windrush Day for a second year, ensuring those from the Windrush generation who made Wales their home are rightly honoured.

The United Nation’s International Migrants Day aims to educate people around the world on the issues related to migration, to enact change and celebrate human diversity.