5G Create: Winning projects announced by government

30 Jul 2020 07:00 PM

The next wave of government-funded research and development projects aiming to put Britain at the forefront of 5G technology have been announced.

Six research and development projects utilising 5G technology have been awarded government funding as part of the recent 5G Create competition. Projects in Sunderland, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton and Suffolk will test what revolutionary high-speed connectivity can do for UK industries, with use cases in healthcare, sport and entertainment, and manufacturing. 

Through 5G Create, the projects will receive a share of £30 million in funding as part of the wider £200 million 5G Testbeds and Trials programme (5GTT), which has now funded 24 5G testbeds across the country, trialling almost 70 different 5G technologies, products and applications. 5GTT aims to unlock new economic benefits and productivity boosts from 5G while commercial rollout continues at pace.

Seventeen UK SMEs are involved in the 5G projects, including those that government aims to help open up the UK’s telecoms supply chains. The six projects are:

Three of the six projects - 5G Edge-XR, 5G Smart Junctions and Liverpool 5G Create - will involve British SMEs trialling the use of open access 5G infrastructure and network solutions. A second round of new projects to receive funding through 5G Create will be announced in the autumn.

techUK members interested in finding out more about the next generation of mobile technology and the specific use cases it enables are welcome to join our 5G Ecosystem Working Group, which is currently focused on the specific opportunities that 5G can provide for Industry 4.0 with a current focus on manufacturing and logistics, the creative industries sector, and to explore the barriers and opportunities of 5G in the rural economy.